Amor violento cover - ALEX JUNE

SAY: The Fire, the sun light, moon blood. The witch, the soulmates, the spell in the dark. Multicolored bubbles, spices, candles and singin loud to say his name.

GOLDEN BOY: Tragedy ! Love is gone .... That boy was like gold, he was pure as sun light but his soul was cold as snow. He used to call my name but no longer his love was mine. One night, wearing sparkling pants, he climb on a star, then he jumped to another leaving this world, leaving my love. On the top of the big multicolored star he went inside of the spacial ship and never came back. I wonder if in his new planet, the ground is made of solid rocks or of purple leathers, I wonder if the sea is salt water or made of milk, I wonder if his queen has green and blue hair cover by swans. I want to know if in the night the sky looks like here... I often look at the sky in the night, i can see how his sparkling pants shine in the dark.

SCORPION: There is a constellation tattooed on the arm of a free being. He is Wild and magnificent. Earth lives inside of him. His name is Universe.

ALAVIKSERTAXZ: A thousand years before, there was no language, there was no word. No existence of border. Just body communication. Alaviksertaxz is a lost language, when people used to communicate with a more spiritual and meaningful language. Were words had the function, not only to give a message but also to create a positive sound vibration to connect our bodies to the universe. This language was learned from other planets and in earth to make people love and respect each other and all that was around humans (animals, forest, sea, earth). Today this language is dead and Alaviksertaxz is the last piece of this..

LIVE @ GIBUS: Part of the concert of Alex June at Gibus club for Yellow Ghetto Party/Jeudi OK Camera Crew :Romain Herman Mathias Brignolle

MANISH ARORA AFTERSHOW PARTY: Musique Alex June Percussions Demian Araya direction artistique : David Herm