The Princess of galactic pop in Paris, Alex June. The lovely woman, singer, and 80s synths performer takes us into her pink­dark dramatic­galactic world, which is reflected in her music and also her masterfully handled imagery. Her music incorporates rebirth, pop, opera, and shamanism, diversifying the asthetic and providing a fresh take on pop sounds. .

Alex June’s real name is Alejandra Felmer. Born in France and the daughter of an opera singer, she grow up in Chile but has lived in Paris since 2007 where she has been focusing on art studies and music. It was in Paris that she founded her first band « The Babysitters » which later split when her band mates left the country for other artistic projects.

Lentonia Record discovered June during one of her performances and helped her release an EP « Plan X » in 2012 and then another album « Big Bang » in 2013. June has collaborated with other bands such as Sydney Vallete, Moodoid, Machi, El gran Chufle and Max Boss of Easter.

Currently she is working on her next album.

Influenced by different artists and cultures, June sees her music as a way to transcend the audience, and believes that each song is an original work of art.

Her music has been compared to artists like the Cocteau Twins, Bjork, Grimes, Mikado, Ladytron, Depeche Mode (at the beggining), Yellow Magic Orchestra, Taxi Girl, and Lykke Li.